The MBDRA is proud of its achievements for its community. Below are some significant outcomes as well as submissions on critical matters, deputations and other activities. The Association is also very proud of the work undertaken by its members, including its multiple life members.


  • Assist with the development of a community engagement strategy to provide more integrated decision making between council and the community
  • Consultation with the community about the future development of the district
  • Development of recreation, sport and leisure strategies and plans
  • Retention of community land, green spaces and trees with less alienation of  rural land
  • Addition of almost 600 historic buildings to the Local Heritage register
  • Support of an efficient and effective district wide rubbish and recycling strategy
  • Working towards improved infrastructure, roads, footpaths and community facilities
  • Development of arts and culture strategies and plans
  • Contributing to work associated with the State Government's Urban and Design Code

Submissions to Council and State Government

The Association has over a number of years prepared submissions to the Mount Barker District Council, State Government and other bodies.

Council Submissions (some examples)

A railway service to/from the hills

State Government Submissions

Other Submissions and appearances

  • LGA Independent Review of Local Government Elections
  • Appearence before Native Vegetation Council - roundabout Hurling Drive/Wellington Road

Deputations to Council

  • Town Square proposal and potential ideas (2014 and 2015)
  • Future of Culture in the District (2009)
  • Park N Ride (2007)
  • Council Annual Business Plan 
  • Recreation, Leisure and Sport Planning (2007)
  • Residential and Industrial PAR (2006)
  • Forthcoming 30 year Plan for Greater Adelaide (2009)
  • Draft Culture and Arts Policy (2008, reviewed 2019)

Letters to Mayor/CEO

The Association has written a number of letters to the Mayor and CEO of the council, over many years. 


  • Park n’ Ride (130 signatures)
  • Western Flat Creek (100 signatures)
  • Culture and Arts Policy (232 signatures)
  • State Government Residential DPA
  • Town square plans

Other Groups 

The MBDRA is proud to support the following groups:

  • Community Alliance SA Inc. establishment
  • Mount Lofty Ranges World Heritage Bid involvement