• Assist with the development of a community engagement strategy to provide more integrated decision making between council and the community
  • Consultation with the community about the future development of the district
  • Development of recreation, sport and leisure strategies and plans
  • Retention of community land, green spaces and trees with less alienation of  rural land
  • Addition of almost 600 historic buildings to the Local Heritage register
  • Support of an efficient and effective district wide rubbish and recycling strategy
  • Working towards improved infrastructure, roads, footpaths and community facilities
  • Development of arts and culture strategies and plans

Submissions to Council and State Government reports

The Association has over a number of years prepared submissions to the Mount Barker District Council, State Government and other bodies.

Council Submissions

State Government Submissions

Other Submissions and appearances

  • LGA Independent Review of Local Government Elections
  • Appearence before Native Vegetation Council - roundabout Hurling Drive/Wellington Road

Deputations to Council

  • Town Square proposal and potential ideas (2014 and 2015)
  • Future of Culture in the District (2009)
  • Park N Ride (2007)
  • Council Annual Business Plan 
  • Recreation, Leisure and Sport Planning (2007)
  • 2006 – Residential and Industrial PAR
  • 2009 - Forthcoming 30 year Plan for Greater Adelaide
  • ‘Draft Culture and Arts Policy (20.10.2008)

Letters to Mayor/CEO

The Association has written a number of letters to the Mayor and CEO of the council, over many years. 


  • Park n’ Ride (130 signatures)
  • Western Flat Creek (100 signatures)
  • Culture and Arts Policy (232 signatures)


  • Community Alliance S.A establishment
  • Mount Lofty Ranges World Heritage Bid involvement