News and media

News and Media

Read below to see general media and stories written by the Association in the print media. Please contact us with any news about a local event, a potential news item or a future activity. 

Weekender Herald Newspaper

The MBDRA presents a series of articles written by our members and published by the Weekender Herald which are listed below. 

Good design benefits the community 21.4.2016

How building developments affect a neighbourhood is a hot topic in Australia today with many communities up in arms over constructions in their area. The Adelaide hills is no different with many towns fighting to keep their special nook from being changed too much.

Mount Barker should have an arts and culture policy 19.5.2016

Why a Culture and Arts Policy is important.

Loss of Court House a blow to Mount Barker 16.6.2016

Members of the Mount Barker and District Residents' Association are concerned that rumoured plans by the State Government to restructure courts administration in the district. 

Good transport supplies a vibrant life for all 14.7.2016

As much as living in the Adelaide Hills and its surrounds can be a joy, it can also be a complete frustration to those who do not have the mobility of owning a car.

You have the power to change our world 11.8.2016

In terms of society it is important to see all people as producers and citizens who can contribute to the wider community in some form. Read why volunteering is important for positive change.   

Animal species and diversity in decline 8.9.2016

Birds are doing it tough in the Mount Lofty Ranges, and espeically in the areas undergoing rapid change due to land development and more intensive agricultural and horticultural practices. Read why action is vital to see change.   

Visual arts play an important role in the community 6.10.2016

Have you ever considered why so many small towns have their own art gallery? Read more to find out.

The measure of our culture and democracy 3.11.2016

There is an unsung institution that is a quiet indication of the values underpinning our society - the community library.

Plan now for a better more coordinated future 1.12.2016

Planning is important - so read why in this opinion piece.

Creating a heart for Mount Barker 29.12.2016

More than two years ago the Mount Barker and Districts Residents' Association resolved to see if we could bring into being a Town Square for Mount Barker to “Give Mt Barker a heart”. 

Become involved with your local community 26.11.2017

This association encourages people to become involved in the governance of the area. Read why.

A vision for the future 23.3.2017

There is a great deal to be learned from a region, which is enriched with a deep argricultural past.

Residents set out priorities for the year 15.2018

The Mount Barker & District Residents' Association had its 2018 annual general meeting last month with the purpose of electing an new executive committee and to establish where to focus their efforts in the year to come.  

Your vote counts 25.10.2018

Once every four years we have the opportunity to vote in our local council elections. Read why this is important.   

Submission on hard waste 25.2.2019

The Mount Barker and District Residents' Association has made a submission to council asking for the consideration of a hard waste service. 

Association keen to contribute to square 28.3.2019

Following the Mount Barker and District Residents' Association's (MBDRA) AGM the group is looking forward to contributing to its largest project ever - a town square.

Push comes to pool  19.9.2019

As Mount Barker Council continues to seek funding for its $30m Regional Indoor Aquatic and Leisure Centre, residents and community groups have reacted to the plans released last week... including the Mt Barker & District Residents' Association.

Live Streaming a waste  12.12.2019

Mount Barker Councillors are divided on weather or not to investigate the option of live streaming at their meetings, with the process labelled a "frivioulous waste of money", read more about the matter relating to the MBDRA.

Railway options for the Hills - By Douglas McCarty

Read details about local Association Member Douglas McCarty's piece on local railway options