Let's reconnect rail to the hills

Passenger Rail Proposal

The concept of Reconnecting Passenger Rail to Mount Barker has been an item on this Association’s website since 2014. However, the concept has been brought into sharper focus by the increasing congestion on the South-East Freeway, as the rezoned residential areas have been built on and the resulting steady population growth. One of the Association’s members, a former railway engineer, has developed the concept into a concrete plan, with costings, and hereby places that work in the public domain.

The Reconnection of Passenger Rail to Mount Barker and The Adelaide Hills could provide:

  • A comfortable, stress-free alternative to driving to Adelaide;
  • A journey time equal to, or better than, the bus option;
  • Interconnection to Southern Adelaide suburbs through the Seaford Rail Line, to Flinders University and Medical Centre on the Flinders Rail Line, to Glenelg via the Glenelg Tram, all at an Interchange at Goodwood;
  • Some relief to the traffic congestion on the SE Freeway for those commuters still needing to drive, by keeping some commuters off the Freeway by using Park-and-Ride facilities.

It is proposed to have stations at Heysen Boulevard, Wellington Road, Mount Barker Central, Littlehampton, Balhannah, Bridgewater and Aldgate, then run express to Blackwood, then Goodwood, and finally into Adelaide Station.

A ‘Briefing Note’ description of the Reconnection Plan is available here. For a more detailed and pictorial description of the Reconnection Plan, scroll through the PowerPoint slides here.

To see a detailed breakdown of Costs associated with the Project, click here. For one Notional Timetable of a possible service, click here. But note that a fifteen minute, or even ten minute, peak commuter service frequency is possible, depending on demand.

To see how the Incremental Journey Times between stations were calculated, click here. This Plan does not constitute a cast-in-stone, one-and-only solution. It will necessarily be refined through public consultation and the technical and operational demands and limitations of a complex rail system. But it does establish the feasibility and affordability of the simple proposition:

It’s time – to Reconnect Passenger Rail

Lofty Radio 'What The Hills': What's the plan for reconnecting rail - listen to the interview here