Town Square Project

The Mount Barker & District Residents' Association has been engaging with the community over the past three years to develop a set of desired objectives for the use of the Woolworths parcel of land bounded by Druids Avenue, Stephen street, Hutchinson Street and Morphett Street. In this time the Association has:

  • Sought anectodal views as well as signatures from the community in the Coles shopping centre and Gawler Street. Over 1400 signatures were received.

  • Presented 2 deputations to Council

  • Developed a Concept Plan with Mr Geof Nairn, architect

  • Set up a crowd funding campaign with Domacom

  • Held a community event in the Bowling Club to present our Concept Plan

  • Presented our Concept Plan to the CEO and Senior Planning staff at our AGM in 2016, as well as in private discussions

  • Received extensive media coverage supporting a coordinated and well planned approach to this site 

1. One can view an image of the town square plans

2. One can view a special video created by Cornerstone College Student Charlie Butler   

Mount Barker Town Square - Some newspaper stories from The Courier Newspaper

February 17th 2014

May 28th 2014 Page one and page three

October 14th 2015

Crowdfunding plan for plaza - June 1st 2016 

September 7th 2016

An historic image of the site from Stephen Street